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Association of Media Accuracy

Purpose and Beliefs

The Association of Media Accuracy (AMA) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit (501c3), public benefit corporation, without a government affiliation of any kind, incorporated on October 11, 1985.

The purpose of the AMA is to research selected, current issues of public importance and to supply our findings in an easy-to-read pro/con format to public leaders and interested citizens.

The AMA believes that:

  • Most people care about their community, have common sense, and want to do what's right, and

  • There is so much data and rhetoric on various issues that it's often quite difficult to sort through, and

  • The reader of a relatively easy-to-read pro/con view of an issue may reach a better understanding of the issue and, with that understanding, may make better decisions about the future.

The decisions on which issues to research are made by the directors and officers of the AMA after reviewing available data, and after discussions with many people in the community.


It should be noted that almost everybody (including the researchers, officers, and directors of the AMA) has personal views on the Chief Justice Rose Bird issue.

For example, Steve Markoff, our Chairman, personally believes that capital punishment is acceptable in certain cases, but Maury Weiner, our President, personally does not believe in capital punishment under any circumstances, as he believes nobody has the right to take the life of another.

Despite Markoff's views in favor of capital punishment, the business he controls has contributed money to the Committee to Conserve the Courts and has provided the funding for startup of the AMA. Also, despite Weiner's opposition to capital punishment, he was personally involved in the formation of a committee to support all the justices for confirmation, including those who publicly favor capital punishment.

Notwithstanding the built-in personal biases and prejudices of most people, the AMA has tried to present this issue from a neutral and even handed standpoint.

AMA Officer Biographies

Steven C. Markoff Born, Los Angeles, CA, 1943; attended LACC, 1963 AA degree; founded A-Mark Precious Metals Inc., (formerly A-Mark Coin Company), 1965; honorable discharge, U.S. Army, 1970; member, ACLU Foundation of Southern California since 1979; member Board of Hollywood Community Hospital, 1982; co-founder/Chairman of Association of Media Accuracy since October 1985; member, Board of Visitors, UCLA Graduate School of Management since 1986.

Marrice Weiner Born, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1930, attended CCNY (now CUNY), 1951 BBA degree; graduate courses, New School for Social Research Graduate Faculty; work experience includes Chief of Staff/Deputy Mayor to Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, consultant for several congressmen, and hospital administrator; co-founder/President of Association of Media Accuracy since October 1985.

Cherryl Wilson Born, Alexandria, VA; 25-year resident of California; history major, UC Berkeley and UCLA; commercial real estate business, San Francisco and Los Angeles, since 1970; manager, historic office building in downtown Los Angeles since 1983; member, Board of Directors of the Spring Street Association since 1984; Secretary/Treasurer of Association of Media Accuracy since October 1985.